Personal Sessions

One-on-one appointments with Melane are focused, powerful sessions designed to support your unfolding into vitality, joy, and contentment. In your foundational assessment, we’ll look together at the complete picture of where you are, and where you want to go – and together map the healing process, the goals, and the timeline. Melane customizes the approach for each person she works with including an individual blend of techniques tailored to your needs and experiences. All of Melane’s work with individuals includes the development of personal tools that you can use daily for confident growth and expansion into this new chapter of happiness and fulfillment.

People have an incredible power to heal given the right support and catalyst. To be in Melane’s presence is to be in the presence of a true healer. People tell her the things they’ve never told anyone else. Children and animals gravitate towards her. For the people she works with, Melane is the game changing opportunity to step into the life they always wanted to lead.

Melane offers personal sessions in her Washington D.C. metropolitan office, or distance sessions in the comfort of your home.


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