Consulting, Facilitation and Program Development

Integrative Health & Wellness for People and Organizations

In addition to her private practice work and teaching, Melane is a facilitator and consultant for the public and private sectors as well as non-profit advocacy groups and organizations on integrative health initiatives and programs. In her previous public policy work, she served as an advocate and an analyst with more than fifteen years experience developing, directing and implementing initiatives on human rights, food and agriculture, labor, nutrition, and the environment.

Melane assists with strategic policy and program assessment at the national and international levels to maximize impact on target populations, including the development of budgets, grant-writing and foundation outreach. Her diverse professional background includes government, civil society, and private sector experience; and her dynamic facilitation builds effective momentum and consensus among multi-sectoral stakeholders to achieve delivery around tangible goals.

Recent Work

Her most recent consulting work on the successful launch of a now nationally recognized pilot program in integrative health approaches for Veterans at the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center included a needs assessment, strategic planning process, internal and external advocacy and facilitation, the development of policy materials and associated budgets, launch and implementation.

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