Melane is one of the most powerful energetic healers I have ever experienced. Her ability to work at every level is incredible - she brings profound healing for physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

Melane is also a fantastic teacher of energetic healing. Her depth of knowledge and deep insight have enriched my life, my practice, and my spiritual understanding. She pulls from a deep well of spiritual strength and encourages all of her students to reach for ever higher understandings. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— C.L. College Park, MD
Melane has been a Godsend for my aunt, who has been suffering from Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), a rare neurological illness that is in the same family as Parkinson’s Disease. Thanks to Melane’s healing work, my aunt has beaten the projected lifespan for MSA sufferers by several years. She has also significantly improved my aunt’s quality of life, helping her to better manage her very difficult symptoms. Her weekly visit is the highlight of my aunt’s week, and after the session, her symptoms are noticeably less apparent. Melane brings a peaceful and loving energy into any space she fills and I highly recommend her healing work to all those seeking an alternative approach.
— S.W. Arlington, VA
As a senior in high school preparing for college and beyond and as a dyslexic learner with ADHD, I sometimes experience stress. My time with Melane was deeply relaxing, cleared my mind, and helped me stay motivated to follow my life path. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— N.R.L. Hyattsville, MD
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for leading such a transformative training! What a difference it has already made in my life. I feel more grounded and in tune with the deeper purpose of my life, to provide healing and empathetic support to my clients.
— T.N. Washington, D.C.
As a Veteran, I carried the invisible wounds of PTSD. Traditional western medicine had run its course. The sleepless nights with nightmares were being roughly managed. It was enough for me to be OK in the eyes of those around me, but I was just maintaining a cover. I was still haunted.

No traditional method of science or psychology had brought me back to the light of warmth and balance. I needed the inexplicable. It was found with Melane’s healing. I will always and forever be grateful to Melane for bringing me back into the light. I can’t explain how, but she removed the damage to my psyche and soul. This darkness had accumulated over years of service to nation, and my being outside the World Trade Center when it was destroyed. I can now say something I have not for well over a decade: “I’m doing great, and life is beautiful.”
— P.A. Washington, D.C.